The Do’s and Don’ts of Weed Control

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When developing a weed management program, there are many things for growers to consider. Application site, the stage of weed growth, herbicide selection, the amount of herbicide used, spray volume and pressure, and herbicide bandwidth are just a few of the factors that contribute to the cost and success of a weed management program. Ramdas Kanissery, weed scientist at the … Read More

Herbicide Adjuvants in Citrus Weed Control

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By Ramdas Kanissery Adjuvants (derived from Latin, adiuvare: to aid or help) are materials added into an herbicide spray solution that improve handling, performance and crop safety. To be effective, an herbicide must overcome certain environmental and biological obstacles before entering and acting in the weeds. For example, environmental conditions like hot and dry weather will result in a thicker … Read More

Tackling Weeds After Composting

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By Ramdas Kanissery The use of compost in tree rows is receiving increasing attention among citrus growers. The use of weed-free certified products can considerably minimize the weed emergence issues associated with compost use. However, eventually, weeds will start to grow in the composted areas in the grove. As compost and similar soil amendments prove to be very rich in … Read More

Keeping Weeds in Check

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Weeds can reduce citrus growth and production, especially in young trees. A management program should be put in place to control weeds in tree rows to minimize competition with citrus, but it is also important to control weeds in row middles to reduce soil erosion. Weed management can be achieved by utilizing a combination of control practices including but not … Read More

Instant Information on Herbicides

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By Ramdas Kanissery Citrus growers face weed management problems throughout the year due to favorable conditions that allow the rapid growth of weeds in groves. A weed-free tree row is desired in citrus to minimize competition with the trees. This can be achieved by utilizing post-emergent herbicides that control the weeds that have already emerged. Growers have several product options … Read More

Weed-Control Strategies for Florida Groves

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Weed management is a key component of Florida’s citrus production. A warm, humid climate and frequent rainfall provide a favorable environment for weed emergence and growth in citrus groves. Steve Futch, a former multi-county citrus Extension agent for the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, delivered a presentation during the 2021 virtual Southeast Regional Fruit and Vegetable … Read More

Compost Use and Weed Management

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By Ramdas Kanissery Application of compost as a soil amendment could be an integral part of citrus production’s best management practices. Compost application can potentially improve soil quality and provide additional nourishment to trees. Citrus-producing soils in Florida are generally sandy and low in soil organic matter. Compost addition tends to enhance the soil’s ability to retain both nutrients and … Read More

Management Advice for Aquatic Weeds

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Nearly every Florida citrus grower will sooner or later experience aquatic weed control problems. Aquatic plants are necessary for maintaining the balance of nature and offering food, protection, oxygen and shelter to aquatic species. However, maintaining a balance in the aquatic system while sustaining crop success and avoiding loss of income can be a challenge. Excessive aquatic weed growth can … Read More

Row-Middle Weed Management Methods

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By Ramdas Kanissery, Miurel Brewer, Davie Kadyampakeni and Sarah Strauss Florida growers face problems with weeds throughout the year due to favorable weather conditions that allow rapid proliferation and lush growth of weeds in groves. While a weed-free tree row is desired to minimize competition with citrus, it is also essential to manage the weeds or vegetation in the row … Read More

Alternatives to Glyphosate in Groves

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There are good reasons glyphosate is the most popular herbicide in U.S. citrus groves, but there are also concerns about its use, says Ramdas Kanissery. Because of the concerns, the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences weed scientist suggests alternatives that growers can consider. Kanissery discusses glyphosate and its alternatives in a presentation originally intended for the … Read More

Protecting New Citrus Plantings and Resets From Weeds

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By Ramdas Kanissery and Mongi Zekri Newly planted citrus trees and resets require more care and attention than established trees, especially when it comes to weed control. Florida’s weather conditions like high summer temperatures and often heavy rainfall make weed control in young groves difficult. Weeds compete with young citrus trees for nutrients, moisture and other resources, and may hinder … Read More

Herbicide Synergy and Safety: Keys to Successful Weed Management

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As most growers in the Sunshine State know, weed management can be difficult in Florida’s climates. “When you think about Florida citrus production, weeds flourish in citrus tree lines and tree rows because there is a constant supply of moisture and nutrients,” said Ramdas Kanissery, University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) weed science assistant professor. “So … Read More

Weed Management: Use Multiple Methods

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Citrus growers have multiple options in their weed management toolbox to tackle such problems as parthenium, ragweed, sweet clover and amaranth. Ramdas Kanissery, weed scientist and assistant professor at the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Southwest Florida Research and Education Center, believes the right tool or combination of tools can improve yields and help protect trees. … Read More

Weed Control May Help Psyllid Management

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By Ramdas Kanissery, Justin George and Lukasz Stelinski Weed management is a crucial component in Florida’s citrus production. Recent University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) research shows that weed management may have additional pest management benefits for citrus growers. Maintaining a weed-free grove and perimeter areas may help improve management of the Asian citrus psyllid (ACP), … Read More

New ‘Identification of Weeds in Florida Citrus’ Guide Available Now

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(UF/IFAS) — The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) Extension bookstore has released an updated version of “Identification of Weeds in Florida Citrus,” a pocket-sized quick reference guide to weeds commonly observed throughout the state that may be frequently found in citrus groves. “The comprehensiveness of this guide makes it useful not only for growers in … Read More

Steam Technique Can Spell Doom for Citrus Weeds

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Like many farmers nationwide, citrus growers are looking for any edge in their fight against weeds, and they’d rather use fewer chemicals to control the plants, says a University of Florida scientist. That’s because chemicals can get into groundwater, surface water and plants themselves. Weed scientist Ramdas Kanissery and his colleagues at the University of Florida Institute of Food and … Read More

Steaming for Weed Management

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By Ramdas Kanissery and Yiannis Ampatzidis Weeds are a significant problem in horticultural production and must be controlled to maintain good crop yield. Concerns related to non-judicious use of herbicides, which include ground and surface water contamination and pesticide residues in food, has sparked public awareness and restrictions on herbicide use. For these reasons, alternative and integrated systems for weed … Read More

Controlling Difficult Weeds in Citrus Groves

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By Ramdas Kanissery, Camille McAvoy and Mongi Zekri Some weeds are more difficult to manage in the production system than others due to their ability to grow in an available niche. If given a chance to establish, Guinea grass and goatweed can be the two most difficult weeds to manage. This is not just because they both are prolific seed … Read More

Psyllids, Yield and Weed Control

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Recent University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) research shows that HLB-spreading psyllids can feed on weeds, and that good weed control can increase fruit yield. The research results were presented by UF/IFAS weed scientist Ramdas Kanissery, who works at the Southwest Florida Research and Education Center (SWFREC) in Immokalee. Kanissery said his work on psyllids feeding … Read More

Understanding Glyphosate Formulations

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By Ramdas Kanissery, Steve Futch, Brent Sellers and Camille McAvoy Glyphosate is a popular post-emergent herbicide among Florida citrus growers for its broad-spectrum of weed control under trees and in row middles. The use of glyphosate as a “burn-down” application alone, or in combination with other herbicides, is a standard practice in citrus groves. Various glyphosate-containing product formulations are available … Read More