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Herbicide Synergy and Safety: Keys to Successful Weed Management

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As most growers in the Sunshine State know, weed management can be difficult in Florida’s climates. “When you think about Florida citrus production, weeds flourish in citrus tree lines and tree rows because there is a constant supply of moisture and nutrients,” said Ramdas Kanissery, University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) weed science assistant professor. “So …


Steam Technique Can Spell Doom for Citrus Weeds

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Like many farmers nationwide, citrus growers are looking for any edge in their fight against weeds, and they’d rather use fewer chemicals to control the plants, says a University of Florida scientist. That’s because chemicals can get into groundwater, surface water and plants themselves. Weed scientist Ramdas Kanissery and his colleagues at the University of Florida Institute of Food and …