Protecting Citrus Trees From Heat Stress

Josh McGillTip of the Week, Weather

By Anirban Guha Heat stress could take a toll on citrus tree health and fruit yield. In Florida, the hot season lasts more than four months. Long, hot, oppressive summer days can heat up leaves and fruit and make the trees extra thirsty. Also, high soil evaporation, irregular rainfall and poor soil water-holding capacity can often lead to summer drought …


Citrus Renovation Irrigation Support Program Introduced

Daniel CooperIrrigation

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) Office of Agricultural Water Policy has a new citrus cost-share program to assist with irrigation improvements on groves that are being replanted. FDACS announced it has set aside roughly $3 million for the¬†Citrus Renovation Irrigation Support Program (CRISP). The program is designed to be a 75 percent cost share for the …