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Identifying California’s Numerous Fruit Flies

Daniel CooperCalifornia Corner, Pests

Sandipa Gautam, University of California area citrus integrated pest management advisor, recently wrote that California is experiencing an unusually high number of invasive fruit flies in the 2023–24 season. She noted that several areas in California are now under fruit fly quarantines. Excerpts from her article follow: Several species of invasive fruit flies that belong to the family Tephritidae are …

Citrus Thrips Reduce California Production

Josh McGillCalifornia Corner, Pests

California citrus growers faced significant citrus thrips challenges this season due to the unprecedented rainfall, California Citrus Mutual (CCM) reported. The unusual weather pattern led to uncontrollable conditions in the field.  Reports from the CCM Pest and Disease Task Force indicated that some growers have experienced exterior fruit scarring on as much as 80% of the fruit in individual blocks. …

Researcher Probes Lemon Pitting Problem

Josh McGilllemons

Low temperatures and fluctuations in environmental conditions are among what researcher Ashraf El-Kereamy described as a “possible hypothesis” for the cause of lemon pitting in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Other possible causes include what he called “overdoing a good thing” such as fertilizer and irrigation, or something affecting the integrity of the lemon’s wax layers. El-Kereamy is director of the …