International Citrus Business Conference Takes Strategic View

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Allen Morris has been directly involved with the citrus industry since 1984. He has seen many ups and downs in the industry during this time. Now, he is ready to face the current citrus challenges head on.

Morris is the owner and operator of Morris Agribusiness Services. In the past, he held events called the International Citrus Economics Conference. Along with AgNet Media, Morris is revamping this event to create the International Citrus Business Conference. The conference will be held March 27–28 in Daytona Beach, Florida.

According to Morris, this event will include many key aspects of the older conferences while taking a broader and more strategic view of the citrus industry.

“All those kind of strategic issues that tell a company how they can plan their future are the kinds of things that a conference like this will focus on,” he said.

Helping the citrus industry successfully continue is the objective of the International Citrus Business Conference.

Morris will be speaking at the conference on various topics, including the juice industry and a call to action. To read more about one of his presentations planned for the conference, click here.

The International Citrus Business Conference will present a global view by examining citrus markets around the world, but it will also allow growers to have discussions and gain knowledge based on where they are located.

For more information on the International Citrus Business Conference, or to register, visit the website.

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