The Seasonal Satsuma Bottleneck

Josh McGillCold Hardy, Mandarins

The short timeframe for satsuma mandarins to be harvested and sold in the fall created a bottleneck of supply around the Thanksgiving holiday in 2022. An excess supply led to a challenge for growers attempting to sell their fruit when demand diminished, according to Kim Jones, who grows and packs citrus in Florida and Georgia. “The week of Thanksgiving when …

Cold Acclimation Helping Trees Rebound From Freeze

Josh McGillCold Hardy, freeze

Trees in the Sweet Valley Citrus region are more acclimated to cold temperatures than those in Central and South Florida. That is a reason that Bill Barber, Certified Crop Adviser and owner of Barber Ag Services, believes citrus trees in North Florida, South Georgia and South Alabama have rebounded well following the Christmas freeze event. “I first thought the worst. …


Satsumas Look ‘Pretty Darn Good’ Post-freeze

Josh McGillCold Hardy, freeze

Satsumas in the Sweet Valley Citrus region appear to have aced their first test of multiple days of subfreezing temperatures. It is still a wait-and-see approach with other varieties, however. One grower was extremely optimistic about satsumas, the cold-hardy mandarins that look to have survived December temperatures in the teens. “Satsumas are pretty darn good. We lost some leaves, got …

Cold-Hardy Citrus Exceeds Yield and Quality Forecast

Josh McGillCold Hardy

Cold Hardy Citrus Association (CHCA) growers predicted this year’s harvest would be favorable at the season’s start, and groves are producing beyond those early expectations. “We are seeing good quality, bigger size and lots of volume left to pick on trees, especially for satsumas,” said CHCA President Kim Jones. CHCA represents growers, handlers, shippers and allied businesses in North Florida, South …


Sweet Valley Citrus Ahead of Schedule This Season

Josh McGillCold Hardy

Citrus producers in the Sweet Valley Citrus region are about a week or two ahead of schedule this season. The area consists of a tri-state zone in North Florida, South Alabama and South Georgia. Grower Kim Jones attributes the accelerated harvest this year to the cooler temperatures the region received during October. Jones, president of the Cold Hardy Citrus Association, …

Building a Brand for Cold-Hardy Citrus

Josh McGillCitrus, Cold Hardy

A new brand name for citrus grown in Georgia, North Florida and Alabama should ensure consumers they are purchasing a quality product. Much like Georgia Grown and Fresh From Florida, Sweet Valley Citrus assures consumers and industry members that citrus grown and marketed under this label is high-quality produce. Kyli Lamar, who serves on the board of directors for the …