Researchers Study Relative of HLB Pathogen

Josh McGillHLB Management, Research

Sometimes the most niche plant pathogen packs the greatest punch. Such is the case for the Florida citrus industry, which has seen a 70% decline in its orange production since the introduction of HLB in 2005. HLB is also known as citrus greening disease.  The bacteria Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus cause this disease, which spreads via a flying insect. When the …

California CRaFT Project Targets Psyllids

Josh McGillCalifornia Corner, Psyllids, Research

All commercial citrus producers in California are invited to apply for participation in the Citrus Research Board’s (CRB) California-focused Citrus Research and Field Trials (CA-CRaFT) project. The overarching goal of CA-CRaFT is to demonstrate the effects of additional mitigations on Asian citrus psyllid control within commercial citrus groves across the various citrus-growing regions in California. The project is supported by …


Liberibacter Relative Mutating Rapidly

Josh McGillBrazil, Diseases

A bacterial species closely related to citrus greening disease is rapidly evolving its ability to infect insect hosts and possibly plants. The newly identified species belongs to Liberibacter, a family of bacteria known to infect several economically important crops. There are nine known Liberibacter species, including three that are associated with citrus greening.  Citrus greening, also known as huanglongbing or …