Satsuma History Worldwide and in Georgia

Daniel CooperGeorgia, History, Mandarins

A recent University of Georgia (UGA) Extension publication summarized the centuries-old history of satsuma mandarins worldwide while focusing on the fruit’s modern popularity in Georgia. Excerpts follow from “Maximizing the Value of Georgia-Grown Satsumas Through Food Innovation,” authored by Emma Moore, Laurel Dunn and Kevin Mis Solval of the UGA Department of Food Science & Technology: Satsuma mandarins were first …


In Georgia Owari Trial, Yields Peaked in 2021

Daniel CooperGeorgia, Research, Rootstocks

University of Georgia Extension agent Jake Price recently summarized yields for three recent seasons from Owari satsuma trees in a rootstock trial. Last year, 2023, was the last harvest year for data collection in the trial. Price reported that yield in the trial plot peaked in 2021 with a yield of about 20,300 pounds on 60 trees, which would be …


New Results From Owari Rootstock Trial

Daniel CooperGeorgia, Rootstocks

By Jake Price Rubidoux is considered the standard rootstock for Georgia, but it was not obtainable from U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)-certified nurseries in Florida in 2014 and 2015 because it is not a rootstock used in Florida. It is a proven rootstock in Georgia known for cold hardiness but did not perform well in a multiyear trial. The chart shows …

Fruit Quality Evaluations for Georgia Citrus Varieties

Josh McGillGeorgia, Varieties

Characteristics of 30 varieties and 45 variety/rootstock combinations were reported in Evaluating Fruit Quality of Citrus Varieties in Georgia, 2021-22. Jacob Price, county Extension coordinator for Lowndes County and Extension citrus specialist with University of Georgia (UGA) Extension, authored the report. Price noted that most groves in Georgia were planted after 2014. Initially, satsuma mandarins (Citrus unshiu) on trifoliate rootstocks …

Update on Georgia Citrus Acres

Josh McGillAcreage, Georgia

University of Georgia citrus Extension agent Jake Price recently estimated Georgia has reached a record-high of 570,760 citrus trees planted on 3,936 acres. Each year, Price estimates the number of citrus trees planted in Georgia. Calculating 2023 numbers has been a little different because of tree losses due to the December 2022 freeze. Of the 567 new acres of trees …

The Status of Satsuma Mandarins in Georgia

Josh McGillGeorgia, Mandarins, Varieties

Satsuma mandarins remain the predominant citrus variety produced in Georgia, but growers diversified more with their plantings this year. Jake Price, University of Georgia Extension coordinator, described the impact that growers could see with various citrus varieties now in place. He presented this information during the recent Citrus Growers’ Summer Update in Valdosta, Georgia. Price says the citrus industry in …

Pruning Citrus in South Georgia

Josh McGillPruning

Jake Price with University of Georgia Extension in Lowndes County provided an update on pruning of South Georgia citrus trees in a recent Cold Hardy Citrus Connection newsletter. The newsletter is published by the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. His report follows: In February 2021, we pruned the Owari rootstock trial trees to where most limbs …