Brazil’s Harvest+ Reports Progress

Daniel CooperBrazil, Harvesting

Brazil’s Harvest+ project coordinator, Efraim Albrecht, recently traveled to Europe in search of mechanized and semi-mechanized solutions to improve citrus harvesting in Brazil. Harvest+ seeks to establish partnerships with companies that develop equipment and technologies that serve Brazilian orchards. It also seeks to contact universities and research centers that have innovative projects. In Seville, Spain, Move Agro’s coordinator and process …


Brazil’s Harvest+ Seeks Improved Citrus Harvesting

Daniel CooperBrazil, Harvesting

Brazil’s Fundecitrus, in partnership with the companies Agricef and Move Agro, has created the Harvest+ project that seeks to improve the country’s orange harvest. In addition to enhancing the manual harvesting process, the project is searching for mechanized and semi-mechanized solutions for citrus farming. Harvest+ is in response to demand from producers and companies that want equipment capable of harvesting …