Alico Grove Transitions and Transactions

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Alico, Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer John Kiernan recently discussed several Alico citrus grove transitions and transactions. Here are some of his comments that were included in an announcement of the company’s financial results for the period ending March 31.  “To be clear, Alico will continue to conduct our regular citrus operations at nearly all of our groves for …


Alico Disappointed and Frustrated With Production

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Alico, Inc. announced financial results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2024 and the six months ended March 31, 2024. Revenues of $32.1 million for the six-month period were relatively flat as compared to $31.9 million for the same period last year. BOXES AND POUND SOLIDS Alico harvested approximately 1.2 million boxes (second quarter) and 2.2 million boxes (six-month …


Sneak Peek: April 2024 Citrus Industry

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See what’s new in citrus in the April issue of Citrus Industry magazine. In this month’s cover story, an established company gets a new name. As the next generation joins the business, learn how DLF International has transitioned to Feek Family Citrus in Fort Pierce, Florida. Trying new things and carefully monitoring costs are a few of the ways this …

Alico Discusses Trunk Injection and Next Season

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Alico, Inc. began treating citrus trees in January 2023 with an oxytetracycline (OTC) product via trunk injection as a citrus greening therapy. “Through June 30, 2023, we have treated over 35% of our trees with OTC, which is expected to mitigate some of the impacts of citrus greening and is expected to decrease the rate of fruit drop, as well …

Alico Citrus Production Halved

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Florida citrus grower and landholder Alico, Inc. on Aug. 3 announced financial results for the third quarter of fiscal year 2023 and the nine months ended June 30, 2023. For the nine months, Alico harvested approximately 2.7 million boxes of citrus, a decrease of approximately 51% from the same period in the prior fiscal year. After the completion of the …

Alico Shares Quarterly Update

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Alico Citrus harvested 841,000 boxes of early- and mid-season (early/mid) oranges for the three months ended Dec. 31, 2022. That’s a decrease of approximately 6.1% from the same period in the prior fiscal year. The company will complete harvesting of early/mid oranges in the current fiscal year. It said it will recognize an overall decrease in the number of early/mid …

Alico Issues Sustainability Summary

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Alico, Inc. recently summarized its second sustainability report. President and Chief Executive Officer John Kiernan said the company over the past year has delivered environmental, social and governance (ESG) promises made in its first sustainability report in 2021. He cited the following as some of Alico’s notable accomplishments: “Our goal with this report is to make it easier for our …

Fallen Fruit Leads to $23 Million Loss for Alico

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Hurricane Ian in late September caused substantial fruit drop at the majority of Alico Citrus’ groves, the company reported in its recent fiscal year 2022 financial results. The fiscal year ended Sept. 30. “Fortunately, tree damage was largely limited to only one property,” said John Kiernan, president and chief executive officer. “This lost fruit impacted our fiscal year 2022 financial …

How Alico Had Less Crop Decline Than Average

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Alico President and CEO John Kiernan recently pointed out that the company had less orange crop decline than Florida as a whole in the 2021–22 citrus season. He noted that while the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported that the Florida crop declined 22.7% from the prior season, Alico’s decline was only 12.9%. “The company believes this lower rate of decline …

Alico Has Lower Production but Higher Prices

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Alico Inc. reported it had reduced orange production and lower pound solids per box during the six months that ended March 31. However, the company received higher prices per pound solids. For the period, Alico Citrus harvested approximately 4.1 million boxes of fruit, a decrease of 10.3% from the same period of the prior fiscal year. The decrease is principally related to fewer pieces …

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A Challenging Harvest Season for Alico

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The current citrus harvest season “has been a challenging one for Alico,” the company stated in a late March press release. “In addition to a harvest season that was anticipated to produce less fruit than in the prior year, many of the state’s citrus groves, including Alico’s citrus groves, were impacted by a freeze event in late January 2022.” Nearly …


Alico Reports Higher Prices, Lower Yield

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Alico, Inc.  has seen an increase in the price per pound solids for oranges from $2.25 to $2.58 so far this season. A significant reason for the price improvement is the continued strength of consumption of not-from-concentrate orange juice by retail consumers, the company stated. Average pound solids per box were down for the fiscal quarter that ended Dec. 31, 2021. The pounds …


Florida Citrus Company Says Production Down, Prices Up

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Florida citrus company and landowner Alico, Inc. saw harvested boxes of fruit decrease during the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30 but got a boost from higher prices linked to consumer demand for orange juice. The company reported this in federal Securities and Exchange Commission filings released Tuesday. Alico said it harvested 6.4 million boxes of fruit during the year, …