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Subirrigation Holds Promise for Citrus Nurseries

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Savings in water and fertilizer, along with faster tree growth, can be achieved by using subirrigation in citrus nurseries. University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researcher Rhuanito (Johnny) Ferrarezi reported on the studies leading to those conclusions at a recent citrus nursery workshop. The event was held at the Citrus Research and Education Center in Lake Alfred, …

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Young Citrus Trees May Benefit from Full Irrigation

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Mature citrus trees affected by the bacterial disease huanglongbing (HLB) typically need about 25 percent less irrigation than their healthy counterparts However, that doesn’t necessarily mean young trees with the disease will benefit from water deficits, according to a preliminary greenhouse study by researchers with the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS). Experiments on 1-year-old orange …

What You Need to Know About Citrus Fertigation

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By Mongi Zekri, Davie Kadyampakeni, Tripti Vashisth, Kelly Morgan, Tom Obreza and Brian Boman Microirrigation is an important component of citrus production systems in Florida. For citrus trees, microirrigation is more desirable than other irrigation methods for several reasons: water conservation, fertilizer management efficiency and freeze protection. Research has shown that when properly managed, water savings with microirrigation systems can …

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Nutrient Recommendations for Citrus Greening

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As Florida citrus growers look to recover from the damages of Hurricane Irma and continue to cope with citrus greening, University of Florida (UF) scientists suggest using a complete and balanced nutrient program in their groves. “Mineral nutrition plays a vital physiological role in the growth and development of a plant and as well as in plant-defense response,” said Tripti …

Move Your Jets

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By Marshall Hartley At Florida Southern College, I remember doing an experiment using a large washtub with holes in the bottom. We filled the tub with very dry sand and then poured 1 inch of water over the sand and let it soak in. The water did not travel through the sand evenly. Instead, the water would find one area …

Using Soil Moisture Sensors for Citrus Irrigation

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By Arnold Schumann, Laura Waldo, Davie Kadyampakeni, Rhuanito Ferrarezi and Chris Oswalt Florida citrus trees may require irrigation throughout the year due to the extremely sandy soils with low water-holding capacities, and the warm subtropical climate with distinct drought periods in spring. A soil water sensor system can provide the most reliable data for effective citrus irrigation scheduling in these …


Citrus Renovation Irrigation Support Program Introduced

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The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) Office of Agricultural Water Policy has a new citrus cost-share program to assist with irrigation improvements on groves that are being replanted. FDACS announced it has set aside roughly $3 million for the Citrus Renovation Irrigation Support Program (CRISP). The program is designed to be a 75 percent cost share for the …

Modern Irrigation Methods Save California’s Resources

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By Len Wilcox California’s consistent sunshine makes for long growing seasons and allows tremendous varieties of foods to be grown, but it isn’t a perfect environment. Chronic water shortages create challenges for everything except cactus grown for tequila or jelly — but not many growers specialize in that. The rest of them, including citrus growers, have to deal with water …

Current Considerations for Citrus Irrigation Management

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Growers can use these tips and tools for trees impacted by HLB and Hurricane Irma. By Davie Kadyampakeni, Kelly Morgan, Mongi Zekri, Rhuanito Ferrarezi, Arnold Schumann and Thomas A. Obreza Water is a limiting factor in Florida citrus production during the majority of the year. This is because of the low water-holding capacity of sandy soils resulting from low clay …


Water and Nutrient Tips for HLB

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  University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researcher Davie Kadyampakeni offers water and nutrient management tips for HLB-affected trees. He was a presenter at a recent citrus nutrient management seminar in Immokalee hosted by multi-county citrus Extension agent Mongi Zekri. The seminar drew approximately 60 people to the Southwest Florida Research and Education Center. Kadyampakeni’s tips include …

Understanding Soil-Moisture Sensor Data

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By Arnold Schumann and Laura Waldo Florida citrus trees may require irrigation throughout the year due to the extremely sandy soils with low water-holding capacities and the warm subtropical climate with distinct drought periods in spring. Citrus trees are evergreen and may be actively growing at any time, with no true dormant phase. HLB-affected trees are particularly prone to multiple …

Insight on Improved Management of HLB-Affected Trees

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Recent studies shed light on foliar nutrient and irrigation practices. By Kelly T. Morgan and Said Hamido Most citrus growers are well aware that citrus greening (HLB) is one of the most devastating citrus diseases in many parts of the world. The disease is widespread in Florida, Texas, Brazil, Mexico and other major production areas, causing significant concerns about the …

Impact of the Water Bill on BMP Implementation     

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By Kelly Morgan Nitrogen and phosphorus are essential nutrients for plants and animals and are the limiting nutrients in aquatic environments. The correct balance of both nutrients is necessary for a healthy ecosystem; however, excessive nitrogen and/or phosphorus can cause significant water-quality problems. Typically, nitrogen is the limiting nutrient in spring and surface water systems. Therefore, even modest increases in …


Getting Water pH Correct in the Face of HLB

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University of Florida (UF) researcher Kelly Morgan discusses a study of how citrus growers are adjusting irrigation water pH levels, and what pH levels seem to work best. The acid level of citrus irrigation water has become an important consideration since HLB was discovered in Florida groves in 2005. “Jim Graham (a fellow UF researcher) has been conducting a survey …

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New Indian River Researcher to Aid in HLB Fight

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Rhuanito “Johnny” Ferrarezi, a new citrus horticulture scientist at the Indian River Research and Education Center near Fort Pierce, discusses his research plans. “I’m going to be focusing on irrigation, plant nutrition and cultural practices to improve our current practices and try to maximize plant survival under greening conditions,” he says. Most of his attention will be on Indian River …

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Citrus Grower: Tree Replant Incentives Are Beneficial

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State and federal programs giving citrus growers incentives to replant and a state program designed to eliminate abandoned groves were discussed at a November 1 workshop in Lakeland. The program was hosted by Florida Citrus Mutual. Grower James “Hoss” Morgan, procurement director for Wm. G. Roe & Sons, Inc., likes the programs. “All three of these are very beneficial if …


Grower: Try Fewer Inputs for HLB Before Quitting

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Mid-Florida Citrus Foundation grove’s experience of doubled production while cutting expenses in half is not unusual and should encourage some growers to hang on in the face of HLB. So says foundation President Glenn Beck. “It’s a scenario we’ve seen many times outside of the foundation,” says Beck, a grower and caretaker. “They (HLB-infected trees) seem to be recovering somewhat …

Sneak Peek: July Citrus Industry Magazine

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Citrus Industry subscribers will soon receive the July issue of the magazine. Featured in the cover story are young citrus leaders LeAnna and Aaron Himrod. Read all about the sister and brother’s accomplishments as they carry on the family tradition of staying in the citrus business. This issue also includes two water-management articles by University of Florida professor Kelly Morgan. …

Water Farming Update

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The St. Johns River Water Management District’s governing board has continued to work with Indian River County on establishing water farms on expired citrus land. Water farming is a method being used to help reduce nitrogen and phosphorus being dumped into the Indian River Lagoon. Doug Bournique, executive director of the Indian River Citrus League, provided an update on the progress …