Prepare for the Possibility of Postbloom Fruit Drop 

Josh McGillDiseases, Tip of the Week

By Megan M. Dewdney Postbloom fruit drop (PFD) is a sporadic flower disease. It is primarily caused by the fungus Colletotrichum acutatum. While infections only occur on flowers, the fungus is present on trees throughout the year. It survives by producing resting structures on leaves and stems. How the inoculum survives multiple years between infections is still unclear. The fungus …

Foliar Fungal Disease Round-up for 2022

Josh McGillDiseases, Florida, Fruit Drop

By Megan Dewdney The 2021 foliar fungal season was an easier than average year. The La Niña weather pattern predicted last fall came to pass, and the spring was relatively dry from January to the end of May with some rain in February and April. While citrus trees in Florida were likely drought-stressed, the dry weather slowed the usual decomposition …


Citrus Advisory System May Help Prevent PFD Losses

Daniel CooperCitrus, Research

A new University of Florida-developed forecasting system could help citrus growers control postbloom fruit drop this winter, despite the predicted El Niño weather pattern that’s expected to bring more rain and moderate temperatures. With an El Niño, forecasters expect above-average rain this winter and early spring. Increased rain improves the chances of fungal spores splashing from flower to flower in …