Big Yields Expected in Georgia

Daniel CooperGeorgia, Production

A December 2022 freeze in Georgia significantly reduced the state’s 2023 citrus production, but many growers anticipate a large crop in 2024. “With less fruit production in 2023, trees added a lot more vegetative growth and increased their canopy volume,” University of Georgia Extension citrus agent Jake Price noted. “The satsuma bloom at the research plot was very large and …

cold hardiness

Factors Influencing Cold Hardiness of Citrus

Daniel CooperCold Hardy, Georgia

Jake Price, University of Georgia county Extension coordinator, recently reported on the factors that influence cold hardiness of citrus. Excerpts follow: VARIETY The most obvious factor is the variety of citrus. In order of cold hardiness, the three main classes of citrus are mandarins, sweet oranges and grapefruit. Acid types of citrus such as lemons and limes are the least …


Georgia Growers to Vote on Marketing Order to Fund Research

Daniel CooperGeorgia, Research

Georgia’s citrus industry started with the help of University of Georgia (UGA) Extension. Research assistance from UGA could help the industry flourish. Georgia citrus growers will have an opportunity to vote on a marketing order that will help fund potential research, explains Ken Corbett, chairman of the Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Citrus Fruits and a producer at Corbett Brothers …

Sugar Belle Is Cold Hardiest Among Non-Satsumas

Josh McGillVarieties

A survey by 15 Extension agents showed Sugar Belle mandarin to be the most cold-hardy non-satsuma citrus variety following a major freeze in Georgia in December 2022. Sugar Belle was followed in order of cold hardiness by Tango, navel oranges, Kishu and grapefruit. Shiranui was the least cold hardy non-satsuma variety. University of Georgia Extension agent Jake Price reported the …

The Status of Citrus Canker in Georgia

Josh McGillDiseases, Georgia

Citrus canker was found for the first time in Georgia this past season. Unfortunately, it may be here to stay. Jonathan Oliver, University of Georgia (UGA) assistant professor and small fruits pathologist, talked about the disease during a citrus meeting in Valdosta, Georgia, on Aug. 9. He emphasized that Georgia producers may have to learn to live with the disease …

Rootstock Influences Cold-Hardiness in Sugar Belles 

Josh McGillfreeze, Mandarins, Rootstocks

Sugar Belles on four different rootstocks in Georgia showed different levels of damage from the December 2022 freeze, reported Jake Price, Lowndes County Extension coordinator for University of Georgia Extension. The Sugar Belles at a Valdosta research plot planted in 2018 have put on the first flush of foliage after being mostly defoliated. The trees are snuggly located between windbreaks …

Taking Care of Trees After the Five-Night Freeze

Josh McGillCold Hardy, freeze

“To some extent, every citrus variety has suffered from cold damage” due to the five-night freeze event that occurred in the cold-hardy citrus region Dec. 24–28. That report comes from Jake Price, Lowndes County Extension coordinator for University of Georgia Extension. “The site of our citrus research plots in Valdosta reached a low of 16 degrees, which is the lowest …