Florida to Get 1,500 New Acres of Grapefruit

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In recent years, the iconic Florida citrus industry has been faced with challenges from devastating citrus greening to major hurricanes pummeling the state’s fruit groves. But industry members are doubling down on their commitment to ensure citrus and juice products remain synonymous with the Sunshine State. Peace River Citrus Products and Scott Family Companies and its partners announced they will … Read More

Grower Discusses Acreage Count, Tree Health

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Arcadia citrus grower V.C. Hollingsworth, chair of the Citrus Crop Estimates Advisory Committee, reacts to the recent Florida citrus acreage report and discusses tree health. Hollingsworth says the acreage count is “not down as far as I thought it might be.” On Aug. 28, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service released its Commercial Citrus Inventory, which indicated Florida … Read More

Florida Citrus Acreage Declines Again

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Florida’s citrus acreage continued a long descent in 2018, decreasing 2 percent to 447,012 acres. The total number of acres is the least since the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service began keeping count in 1966. The 2018 count was released on Aug. 28. There was a gross loss of 20,114 acres in 2018, partially offset by new … Read More

Grower Hollingsworth Reacts to Acreage Reduction

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DeSoto County grower and Florida Citrus Commissioner V.C. Hollingsworth reacts to news that Florida’s citrus acreage declined 5 percent this year. “That kind of surprised me a little bit because I thought we’ve been planting back a lot of trees,” Hollingsworth says. “I think what it doesn’t show is the number of trees that we’re planting back, trees per acre. … Read More

Florida Citrus Acreage Tumbles 5 Percent

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Florida lost another 25,148 acres of citrus in the past year, or 5 percent of the crop’s acreage, according to the annual Commercial Citrus Inventory released on August 31. The number of acres dropped to 454,973 from 480,121 in 2016. The inventory was released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. “It turns out that our citrus … Read More