Glyphosate Decision Disappoints Ag Groups

Jim Rogers Legal, Pesticides

Several national agricultural organizations issued a statement expressing disappointment over the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent glyphosate decision not to hear the case Monsanto vs. Hardeman, which pertains to state glyphosate health warnings. The statement read: “We are disappointed the Supreme Court has decided not to hear this case, which has significant implications for our global food supply and science-based regulation. …

Nursery Owner Wins Judgment Over Destroyed Trees

Jim Rogers Citrus, Citrus Greening, Legal

The owner of a commercial nursery has won a $1.2 million judgment against the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) for the destruction of citrus trees in the 2000s, AP News reported. A jury in Orlando determined the state agency had destroyed more than 160,000 citrus plants in an effort to stop citrus greening, AP reported. The jury …

Ag Groups Want Glyphosate Case Heard

Jim Rogers Legal, Pesticides

A total of 54 agricultural organizations have voiced concern regarding the possibility of a detrimental precedent being set. A letter was sent to President Joe Biden outlining concerns related to an amicus brief that was recently submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS). In the brief, Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar advises SCOTUS against hearing a case related to glyphosate and …

Ag Associations Seek to Block Chlorpyrifos Ban

Tacy Callies Citrus, Legal, Pesticides

Several agricultural associations filed suit in federal court Feb. 10 seeking to block the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from prohibiting the use of the pesticide chlorpyrifos on food crops beginning Feb. 28. The Georgia Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association is among those seeking the action. According to the American Soybean Association, which is one of those suing, the agricultural associations …

Cutrales to Face Trial Over OJ Cartel

Ernie Neff Legal, Orange Juice

Law firm PGMBM reported it has secured a London High Court judgment that will result in a Brazilian orange juice (OJ) magnate facing trial over his participation in an illegal cartel. José Luis Cutrale and his son, José Luis Cutrale Jr., reportedly were part of an operation that substantially impacted the global market for the sale of OJ. Brazilian orange …

Supreme Court Rules on Ag Property Right

Ernie Neff Legal

The U.S. Supreme Court in June ruled that a nearly 50-year-old California regulation requiring agricultural businesses to allow union organizers to enter their property for a minimum number of hours and days each year is an unconstitutional taking without compensation. A California nursery and a shipping company had challenged the regulation as essentially creating an easement across their private property …


Court Rejects EPA’s Aldicarb Approval

Ernie Neff Legal, Pesticides

The federal Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia on June 7 rejected the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) approval of the pesticide aldicarb on Florida oranges and grapefruit, the Center for Biological Diversity reported. The ruling came in response to a lawsuit filed in March by farmworker and conservation groups after the EPA approved the use of up to …

Homeowner Canker Payments Coming

Ernie Neff Legal

Approximately 12,000 Lee County homeowners in Florida will receive checks in early January as compensation for citrus trees destroyed in the state’s citrus canker eradication program, according to attorney Robert Gilbert. Gilbert was the lead counsel representing the homeowners in a class action lawsuit for the past 17 years. According to Gilbert, the residential trees that were destroyed by the …


Supreme Court to Hear Ag Union Case

Len Wilcox California Corner, Legal

The U.S. Supreme Court announced that it will hear a challenge to a California law that allows employee unions to trespass on private property. California law requires agriculture producers to open their property and businesses to union activists. Pacific Legal Foundation attorneys, who represent the companies filing the suit, claim that unauthorized union activities disrupt business operations and take property …