Agent Has Pest Management Advice

Jim Rogers Pests

Highlands County Extension agent Lourdes Pérez Cordero recently offered scouting and management suggestions for citrus leafminers (CLM), Asian citrus psyllids (ACP) and rust mites. The suggestions were part of an article in the January issue of Citrus from the Ridge to the Valley, the Central Florida citrus Extension newsletter. CITRUS LEAFMINERS The emergence of spring and summer flush benefits CLM, …

Coordinated HLB Treatment Critical in California

Jim Rogers HLB Management

In an open letter to California citrus growers, Jim Gorden, chair of the Citrus Pest & Disease Prevention Committee, emphasized the importance of cooperation of all growers to keep huanglongbing (HLB) at bay. Growers need to work together to coordinate treatments for maximum effectiveness. “As the threat of HLB continues, industry members know that the best way to prevent HLB …


Viruses Might Help Control Asian Citrus Psyllids

Daniel Cooper Citrus Greening, Industry News Release, Psyllids, Research

(UF/IFAS) — University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) researchers are working toward establishing a new biological method that may help growers control the insect that transmits the deadly greening disease into citrus trees. Greening is present in about 95 percent of the citrus trees in Florida, so by using a virus that may kill the insect, …


Researching Scouting Strategies for ACP

Daniel Cooper Citrus, Psyllids

Several research projects continue at University of California Riverside to evaluate strategies for better detection of Asian citrus psyllid (ACP). Monique Rivera, assistant cooperative Extension specialist, is looking into something referred to as the ‘edge effect’ and how it pertains to ACP control. “The ‘edge effect’ is basically an ecological term that we’re using in the context of Asian citrus …