Browning to Take New Role in HLB Battle

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Citrus Research and Development Foundation Chief Operations Officer Harold Browning will resign at the end of March to pursue HLB control strategies for Premier Citrus ApZ, a branch of Vero Beach-based Premier Citrus. At his new position, Browning says he will work “on further testing and commercialization of strategies to control HLB in the field.” Specifically, Browning will work with … Read More

Nurseryman Discusses HLB, Grapefruit and Lemons

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The impact of HLB on total citrus tree propagations, including the decline in grapefruit and growth in lemons, is addressed by nurseryman Nate Jameson. Jameson, owner of Brite Leaf Citrus Nursery, discusses some points he made at the annual Florida Citrus Show in January. “A few years ago we were propagating about 4.7 million trees a year,” Jameson says. “We’re … Read More

California Researchers Work Toward Early HLB Detection

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Although the Florida and California citrus industries may differ, they are both vulnerable to citrus greening disease. The brightest minds from both states are working to detect, manage and control this devastating disease. Most recently, University of California researchers have been working to find methods for early detection of huanglongbing (HLB), or citrus greening disease. AgNet West’s Taylor Hillman has … Read More

HLB Conference to Be Held in California

Len WilcoxHLB Management

citrus greening

The sixth International Research Conference on Huanglongbing (IRCHLB VI) will be held in California. The conference has been scheduled for March 12-16, 2019, at the Riverside Convention Center in Riverside. This is the first time the conference will be held in California. Sponsored by the California Citrus Research Board (CRB) with the support of California’s citrus industry partners, the gathering … Read More

Living with Yellow Dragon Disease

Tacy CalliesHLB Management, Nutrition

A grower nutrition survey reveals production practices for successful HLB management. By Tripti Vashisth and Christopher Vincent These days, in nearly every conversation about HLB, mineral nutrition comes up in some way. It seems that in a conversation between three people, there will be about four opinions on what, why, where and how to provide nutrition to citrus trees in … Read More

New Method for Early HLB Detection

Tacy CalliesHLB Management

By Len Wilcox Early detection of citrus trees infected with huanglongbing (HLB) has become the target of researchers around the world, and scientists from the University of California (UC) now believe they have the answer. Early detection is vital for identifying HLB-positive trees before physical symptoms of the disease appear and it spreads throughout a grove. SMELLING THE SICKNESS UC … Read More

Grower Input on HLB Research Needs

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Lee Jones, general manager of Gardinier Florida Citrus, was one of several growers offering suggestions for upcoming HLB research at a recent Citrus Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) Research Management Committee session. He summarizes some of the suggestions he and others offered. Jones notes that several suggestions were made regarding bactericides, which growers got access to in spring 2016. He … Read More

HLB Issues Below the Soil Surface Intrigue Growers

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Several citrus growers and production managers offered input on future HLB research at a meeting on Feb. 15 at the Citrus Research and Education Center in Lake Alfred. The growers shared their thoughts with members of the Citrus Research and Development Foundation’s Research Management Committee (CRDF-RMC). David Howard, CRDF-RMC chairman, provides an overview of the approximately three-hour session called specifically … Read More

Water and Nutrient Tips for HLB

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  University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researcher Davie Kadyampakeni offers water and nutrient management tips for HLB-affected trees. He was a presenter at a recent citrus nutrient management seminar in Immokalee hosted by multi-county citrus Extension agent Mongi Zekri. The seminar drew approximately 60 people to the Southwest Florida Research and Education Center. Kadyampakeni’s tips include … Read More

Psyllid Protection by Photonic Fence Under Development

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By next year, a fence utilizing light sources is expected to be available to help protect some citrus structures and maybe even grove perimeters from the HLB-spreading psyllid. U.S. Department of Agriculture research entomologist Joe Patt explains the technology. “Photonic fence is a multi-modal system that uses several different types of light in order to detect, track, identify and, if … Read More

A Dialog-Based Example of a Different Type of Grower Meeting

Tacy CalliesHLB Management

By Bill Castle True dialog is the art of thinking together.* It requires the suspension of certainty, acute listening, open sharing and willingness to participate. These principles of dialog are probably unfamiliar to most of us and are challenging to practice. However, the outcomes of dialog exceed the effort. Therefore, using these principles of dialog as the foundation, an interactive … Read More

Dialoging to Climb Out from the HLB Hole

Tacy CalliesHLB Management

By Bill Castle and Pete Spyke There’s an old story that goes something like this: A farmer was out walking one evening and fell into a hole deep enough to require help to get out. Later, another farmer was walking by and jumped into the hole. The farmer in the hole was astounded and asked, “Why did you do that?” … Read More

HLB Resistance Update

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Updates on the search for trees that are resistant to HLB drew more than 40 growers and others to an OJ Break in Bartow on Jan. 9. Leadoff speaker Fred Gmitter, a plant breeder with the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, discussed an effort to see if so-called “survivor” trees might offer a solution. Survivors are … Read More

California Amends HLB Quarantine Zones

Len WilcoxHLB Management

  On Jan. 1, 2018, the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) implemented an emergency regional quarantine to more effectively protect California citrus from huanglongbing (HLB) disease. The quarantine created seven zones: 1) counties where HLB has not been detected and are not next to citrus-producing counties or the Mexican border; 2, 3 and 4) counties widely infested with ACP … Read More

Using Kaolin Against HLB-Spreading Psyllids

Daniel CooperHLB Management, Psyllids


Researchers are trying to use all available tools to control HLB-spreading psyllids, says entomologist Michael Rogers with the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. Rogers, director of the Citrus Research and Education Center in Lake Alfred, says scientists want “to show that we can actually grow citrus in the age of HLB and still be profitable.” “The … Read More

Tools for Growing Citrus in the HLB Era

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Economist Tom Spreen thinks advanced production systems (APS) and citrus under protective screen (CUPS) offer hope for some growers in the face of HLB. Spreen, a University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences professor emeritus, discussed APS and CUPS at a recent Gulf Citrus Growers Association economic seminar in LaBelle. Spreen says growing with APS “means you have … Read More

Attacking HLB From All Angles

Tacy CalliesHLB Management

University of California Riverside (UCR) is committed to a major offensive against huanglongbing (HLB, or citrus greening disease), as the threat is marching ever closer to commercial citrus orchards in California. The only confirmed cases in Southern California have been in residential trees in Los Angeles and Orange counties, including near the UCR campus. But some experts believe it is … Read More

Super-Root Mutants for HLB

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A citrus nursery employee has found super-root mutants that might offer hope for developing trees that are less susceptible to HLB. The employee is Beth Lamb, a tissue culture expert at Phillip Rucks Citrus Nursery. University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences citrus breeder Jude Grosser tells about her discovery. “She discovered some mutants of some of the … Read More

Growing Citrus in the HLB Era

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By Jim Gravley The entire citrus industry has changed since the arrival of HLB (citrus greening). To ensure success and produce a quality product, the grower must adapt and truly understand the issues brought on from the infection of HLB. The disease was officially identified in 2005 in South Florida, and we are still fighting to save this great industry. … Read More

Psyllid Control Strategies

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University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences entomologist Jawwad Qureshi discussed several means of Asian citrus psyllid control at Citrus Expo in August. He provides an overview of his presentation. Qureshi says it is best to start psyllid sprays during the winter dormant period. “Do it individually or do it in a collaborative effort, but you must do … Read More