CitrusMimic Detects Greening and Kills Psyllids

Daniel CooperAwards, HLB Management

A University of Miami (UM) doctoral candidate won third place in the UM College of Engineering’s Rothberg Catalyzer Pitch Competition for creating an instrument to quickly detect airborne traces of citrus greening disease. Shruti Choudhary’s creation, CitrusMimic, would be deployed on farming equipment to continuously draw in air and test for the citrus greening bacteria spread by the Asian citrus …


Guide Helps Brazilian Growers Evaluate Greening Products

Daniel CooperBrazil, HLB Management

Brazil’s Fundecitrus has prepared and released the free Guide for Citrus Growers: Evaluation of Products to Reduce Damage Caused by Greening. The guide is aimed at growers, researchers and professionals working in citrus farming. The guide brings together suggestions for a thorough assessment in the orchard, allowing citrus growers and technicians to analyze the effectiveness of available chemical products and …


Greening Addressed at International Epidemiology Workshop

Daniel CooperDiseases, International

Fundecitrus researchers Renato Bassanezi and Silvio Lopes in April addressed the citrus greening situation in Brazil from an epidemiological point of view during the International Epidemiology Workshop held in Brazil. Lopes presented work on the potential of citrus plants in backyards being a source of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus (the bacterium associated with greening) inoculum for commercial orchards. Fundecitrus has been …


Greening Study: Extra Fertilization Doesn’t Increase Yield

Daniel CooperBrazil, HLB Management, Nutrition

A study carried out by Brazil’s Fundecitrus in partnership with the Agronomic Institute (IAC) showed that additional fertilization of orchards had no effect on increasing the production of trees with citrus greening. The research was conducted in well-nourished adult orchards with a low incidence of greening. Results were published in January in the journal PhytoFrontiers of the American Society of …


Studying Citrus Greening in Switzerland

Daniel CooperCitrus Greening, HLB Management, Research

Lukas Hallman is about to embark on an internship in Switzerland to investigate the vascular system of trees affected by citrus greening. Hallman is in his final year of a Ph.D. program in horticultural sciences at the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) Indian River Research and Education Center. He is under the guidance of Lorenzo …


Fundecitrus Repudiates Articles About Citrus Greening

Daniel CooperBrazil, Citrus Greening

Fundecitrus says it repudiates recent articles that claim productivity in Brazil’s São Paulo and Minas Gerais citrus belt will be reduced by 60% in the next five years due to citrus greening disease. Fundecitrus says Chilean and Spanish news portals published such reports on Nov. 14.  According to Fundecitrus, this information is not valid, nor was it ever provided by …


Brazilians Discuss How to Avoid Florida’s Fate With Greening

Daniel CooperBrazil, HLB Management

Brazil’s government, institutions and citrus growers need to join efforts to overcome greening “so that Brazil does not go through the same situation as Florida,” a São Paulo agriculture official declared Nov. 7. Orlando Melo de Castro, undersecretary of agriculture, made those remarks to about 500 people at an international citrus symposium in Araraquara, São Paulo. “To this end, we …

São Paulo Governor Creates Greening Committee

Josh McGillBrazil, Citrus Greening, HLB Management

The governor of Brazil’s state of São Paulo, Tarcísio de Freitas, on Oct. 16 decreed the formation of a state committee for greening contingency after meeting with several members of the state’s citrus industry. Greening affects 38.06% of orange trees in the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais. The governor acted after considerations by the Sylvio Moreira Citriculture Center/Agronomic …

Film Calls for Urgency Regarding Greening in Brazil

Josh McGillBrazil, HLB Management

Fundecitrus recently launched the institutional awareness-raising film Urgência as yet another part of the Greening Is Serious campaign. The campaign began in January last year. In the film, 10 representatives of the citrus sector talk about the economic, social, environmental and historical dimensions of citrus growing in São Paulo and Minas Gerais. They point out everything that is at risk …

Brazil’s Public and Private Sectors Tackle Greening

Josh McGillBrazil, HLB Management

Representatives of the Brazilian private citrus sectors of São Paulo and Minas Gerais met Sept. 25 with members of São Paulo’s government to formulate joint action plans against citrus greening disease. Representing the private sector in the meeting were Fundecitrus, Brazilian Table Citrus Association, Vivecitrus, Citrus Consultants Group and Technical Assistance and Consultancy Group in Citrus. The government of the …

Update on Citrus Greening in Georgia Groves

Josh McGillGeorgia, HLB Management

Citrus greening disease is no longer just a problem in residential trees in Georgia. For the first time last year, citrus greening, also known as huanglongbing or HLB, was observed in commercial plantings in Pierce, Wayne and Grady counties, says Jonathan Oliver, University of Georgia (UGA) assistant professor and small fruits pathologist. Oliver discussed the disease during a citrus meeting …

Greening and Canker Concerns for Georgia Growers

Josh McGillDiseases, Georgia

The recent Citrus Growers’ Summer Update in Valdosta, Georgia, provided growers another outlet to learn about two diseases — citrus greening and citrus canker — that could have serious ramifications on the industry’s future in Georgia. Jonathan Oliver, University of Georgia (UGA) assistant professor and small fruits pathologist, highlighted the seriousness of the discovery of both of the diseases in …

An Alternative Approach to Citrus Greening

Josh McGillCitrus Greening, Florida, HLB Management

“Life as a citrus grower is a perilous journey,” says Chip Henry. Among the toughest perils the third-generation Florida grower has endured are the freezes of the 1980s, the threat of losing his land to highway construction, and the scourge of citrus greening. Henry’s story begins with the founding of O.E. McGuire Groves in Apopka by his maternal grandparents in …

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Citrus Greening Inevitable for North Florida, South Georgia

Tacy CalliesCitrus Greening

It’s not a question of if citrus greening disease will be an issue for North Florida and South Georgia citrus growers, but when will it be. Fred Gmitter, a University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences citrus breeder, believes the disease’s impact in both areas is inevitable. He shared his assessment during a recent Cold Tolerant Citrus Production …


UGA Lab Offers Free Testing for Citrus Greening

Tacy CalliesGeorgia

The University of Georgia (UGA) Plant Molecular Diagnostic Lab is a key resource for Georgia citrus growers hoping to stay sustainable. While it is a fee-based service lab for the UGA Department of Plant Pathology, it provides free testing for citrus producers concerned about citrus greening, says Jonathan Oliver, UGA assistant professor and small fruits pathologist. “The diagnostic lab here …

Georgia Growers: Stop Citrus Greening Spread

Tacy CalliesCitrus Greening

Jonathan Oliver, University of Georgia assistant professor and small fruits pathologist, is concerned about the potential impact of citrus greening disease in Georgia. That’s why he is encouraging Georgia growers to quickly dispose of infected trees if any are found. “Once greening becomes really widespread and established in a lot of our trees, it’s really hard to stop it,” Oliver …

Update on Culturing of the Citrus Greening Bacterium

Tacy CalliesHLB Management, Research

By Nabil Killiny, Anders Omsland, Haluk Beyenal and David R. Gang The suspected causative agent of citrus greening disease, Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus (CLas), is one of many plant pathogens that has not been isolated and grown in pure culture. One major reason for this is its small genome size; it is missing the genes for several metabolic pathways critical for …

Citrus Greening Solutions: How Long Will It Take?

Tacy CalliesCitrus Greening

It may not be the answer Florida citrus growers want to hear, but it is likely to be several years before a citrus greening remedy is put in place to combat the destructive disease. University of Florida professor Fred Gmitter shared his assessment on possible citrus greening solutions during a recent American Seed Trade Association webinar. “We learn a lot …

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Field-Tested Peptide Treats Citrus Greening

Tacy CalliesCitrus Greening

Elemental Enzymes, a St. Louis biotechnology firm, has obtained a patent for a natural peptide solution to treat citrus greening disease. The peptide solution, Vismax, is readying for commercialization and is expected to reach the market by 2022. Vismax has been developed and extensively field tested, says Brian Thompson, CEO of Elemental Enzymes. Thompson gave a presentation on Nov. 18 …

Living With Greening by Improving Soil Health

Tacy CalliesSoil Improvement

By Ronald G. Doetch I am a lifelong farmer/agronomist and, at the age of 73, have worked with many different crops through the many changes in agriculture challenges and production practices. I moved to Florida four years ago to grow a few oranges and have a firsthand look and understanding of the relationship of soil health to tree decline and …