Avoid Salt-Out of Liquid Fertilizers

Tacy CalliesTip of the Week

By Ajia Paolillo The use of liquid fertilizers in citrus production has increased over the years. Liquid fertilizers offer the grower a way of applying frequent doses of fertilizer to trees to optimize nutrient efficiency. Now that the winter months are here with cooler weather and some cold nights, growers may face the issue of liquid fertilizer salting-out in the … Read More

Weed-Control Strategies for Florida Groves

Tacy Calliesweeds

Weed management is a key component of Florida’s citrus production. A warm, humid climate and frequent rainfall provide a favorable environment for weed emergence and growth in citrus groves. Steve Futch, a former multi-county citrus Extension agent for the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, delivered a presentation during the 2021 virtual Southeast Regional Fruit and Vegetable … Read More

Traditional and Alternative Leafminer Control Methods

Tacy CalliesPests

By Lukasz Stelinski The citrus leafminer (CLM) remains a major pest of citrus throughout Florida. The adults are small, white/silver-colored moths about half the size of a typical mosquito (Figure 1). Adults are difficult to spot due to their small size and because they are active only in the evening (dusk) and early pre-dawn hours. CLM adults can be monitored … Read More

H-2A Wage Freeze Blocked

Tacy CalliesLabor

A federal judge has blocked the H-2A wage freeze that the Department of Labor (DOL) announced in November. The DOL decision would have kept H-2A wages at 2020 rates through 2022. Last month, United Farm Workers (UFW) and the UFW Foundation filed a suit to block the DOL rule. U.S. District Judge Dale Drozd granted the injunction preventing DOL from … Read More

Kaolin Particle Film Reduces HLB Pressure

Tacy CalliesHLB Management

Researchers found use of kaolin particle film on trees reduced populations of HLB-spreading psyllids and delayed HLB infection. University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) assistant professor Christopher Vincent presented his research comparing red and white kaolin particle films with foliar insecticides during a recent UF/IFAS OJ Break webinar. According to Vincent, the particles of kaolin clay … Read More

Potential OJ Marketing Order Leaves Growers Hesitant

Tacy CalliesMarketing, Orange Juice

Many Florida citrus growers are skeptical of the proposed federal marketing order for orange juice (OJ). The proposed marketing order would allow all U.S. fruit used in OJ and all OJ imports to be assessed to share in the cost of marketing. This federal order, however, poses some potential drawbacks for Florida juice orange growers. The U.S. Department of Agriculture … Read More

Compost Use and Weed Management

Tacy CalliesTip of the Week, weeds

By Ramdas Kanissery Application of compost as a soil amendment could be an integral part of citrus production’s best management practices. Compost application can potentially improve soil quality and provide additional nourishment to trees. Citrus-producing soils in Florida are generally sandy and low in soil organic matter. Compost addition tends to enhance the soil’s ability to retain both nutrients and … Read More

The State of the Florida Citrus Processing Industry

Tacy CalliesProcessing

Kristen Carlson, executive director of the Florida Citrus Processors Association, answers questions from Tacy Callies, Citrus Industry editor. Q: What are the current opportunities in Florida citrus processing?  A: There is some excess capacity in Florida should the citrus greening situation improve, and Florida increases its box production. Greening has decreased the yield of boxes per tree. With less impact … Read More

Georgia Citrus Pest and Disease Update

Tacy CalliesDiseases, Georgia, Pests

As the Georgia citrus industry continues to grow and prosper, growers should be aware of the potential signs of citrus pests and diseases that could be looming in their groves. Bill Barber, Certified Crop Advisor and owner of Barber Ag Services, delivered a presentation during the 2021 virtual Southeast Regional Fruit and Vegetable Conference. He addressed pests and diseases presently … Read More

FDOC Update: OJ Sales, Supply and Demand

Tacy CalliesOrange Juice

Shannon Shepp, executive director of the Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC), reports that total orange juice (OJ) sales are performing at 2016 levels. “In the four week-period ending Dec. 26, 2020, average year-over-year sales of total OJ increased 7.68 percent with nearly 37.39 million equivalent gallons sold, according to the latest Nielsen retail sales update,” Shepp says. “Volume sales of … Read More

Dormant Sprays for Asian Citrus Psyllid Management

Tacy CalliesPsyllids

By Jawwad Qureshi Several studies have documented the positive effects of controlling the Asian citrus psyllid (ACP, Figure 1) for citrus tree health and sustainability in Florida. The mature blocks established before and after the discovery of huanglongbing (HLB) in 2005 continue to benefit from psyllid control. One psyllid is enough to infect a tree with HLB for life, and … Read More

SFWMD Accepting Applications for Cost-Share Water Projects

Tacy CalliesWater

The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) announced it is accepting applications for cost-share projects to develop alternative water supply projects and water conservation projects. This is part of the state of Florida’s continuing efforts to identify and implement cost-effective strategies to protect its water resources while meeting Florida’s water needs. Partnering with local governments and other entities for implementation … Read More

Time for ACP Dormant Season Sprays

Tacy CalliesHLB Management, Tip of the Week

By Lauren Diepenbrock Pest management is an ongoing effort in Florida citrus. Taking advantage of pest life cycles, whether they are tied to the season or plant phenology, can make management efforts have greater impacts on pest populations. For many citrus growers, managing the impacts of Asian citrus psyllid (ACP), the vector of huanglongbing (HLB), is part of the annual … Read More

Irrigation Management With Artificial Intelligence

Tacy CalliesIrrigation

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be an overwhelming topic, but Sandra Guzmán says it is easier to swallow when it helps growers. Guzmán, an agricultural engineering assistant professor at the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) Indian River Research and Education Center, has been working directly with growers to integrate the benefits of in-field technology. The influx … Read More

Flowering Intensity, Shoot Dieback and HLB

Tacy CalliesHLB Management

Citrus trees grown in Florida continuously undergo various types and levels of stress. Stressors can include severe weather conditions, soil pH, chemicals, pests and diseases. The constant presence of HLB and psyllid infestation adds further stress to the tree, compromising overall tree health. Off-season flowering and prolonged flowering are common responses of trees when undergoing various stress conditions. Off-season and … Read More

Choosing a Lemon Rootstock

Tacy Callieslemons, Rootstocks

By Kim D. Bowman Lemons are a relatively small part of the Florida citrus crop. But with more than 317,000 lemon trees propagated in Florida nurseries over the past two years, lemons are clearly gaining increasing interest from growers trying to find a crop that is easier to grow and with a quick return on investment. As is the case … Read More

New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

Tacy CalliesTip of the Week

By Ruth Borger It is time for a new year, and many of us cannot see 2020 end fast enough. It is almost time for 2021, and there is a lot to be hopeful for. New vaccines to fight the coronavirus hold great potential for beating the pandemic. U.S. citrus sales so far this season continue to show strong performance. … Read More

Sneak Peek: January 2021 Citrus Industry

Tacy CalliesSneak Peek

Now is the time of year for gifting fresh citrus to family and friends to enjoy. Unfortunately, people are not the only ones who enjoy eating citrus. Numerous pests can be found feasting on various plant parts in the grove. Keeping pests under control is the theme of the January issue of Citrus Industry magazine. Of course, the most concerning … Read More

Update on CRISPR Research for Citrus Improvement

Tacy CalliesBreeding

By Nian Wang, Fred Gmitter and Manjul Dutt Nearly all commercially important citrus types — oranges, grapefruits etc. — have originated by mutations that have accumulated over several hundreds to thousands of years, from what once was an original, individual sweet orange tree and a single grapefruit tree. The many different cultivars that we know today are descended from those … Read More

FDOC Promotion of OJ Benefits Growers

Tacy CalliesMarketing, Orange Juice

The Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) e-commerce campaign to drive sales of 100 percent Florida orange juice (OJ) is nearing the halfway mark and continues to deliver strong results. As of Dec. 18, the e-commerce campaign reached 150 million impressions and $4.2 million in attributed sales of 100 percent OJ with a return on advertising spend of $5.45. Additionally, the … Read More