Sugar Belle Is Cold Hardiest Among Non-Satsumas

Josh McGillVarieties

A survey by 15 Extension agents showed Sugar Belle mandarin to be the most cold-hardy non-satsuma citrus variety following a major freeze in Georgia in December 2022. Sugar Belle was followed in order of cold hardiness by Tango, navel oranges, Kishu and grapefruit. Shiranui was the least cold hardy non-satsuma variety. University of Georgia Extension agent Jake Price reported the …


Satsumas Look ‘Pretty Darn Good’ Post-freeze

Josh McGillCold Hardy, freeze

Satsumas in the Sweet Valley Citrus region appear to have aced their first test of multiple days of subfreezing temperatures. It is still a wait-and-see approach with other varieties, however. One grower was extremely optimistic about satsumas, the cold-hardy mandarins that look to have survived December temperatures in the teens. “Satsumas are pretty darn good. We lost some leaves, got …

Thinking Outside the Box With Satsumas

Josh McGillCold Hardy

Satsuma mandarins are big business in the Georgia and North Florida citrus industry. Satsumas are desirable from the consumer perspective, and the fruit’s cold hardiness is suited for the northern reaches of citrus production. Cold hardiness was proven to be especially important after freezes in late December and in January. But a problem with satsumas is that the fruit matures …

Pair of Problems for Louisiana Satsumas

Josh McGillLouisiana, Mandarins, Pests

Plant Diagnostic Center Director Raj Singh at the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center (LSA AgCenter) recently addressed two stresses that impact yields in Louisiana citrus — internal dry rot and puffy fruit. INTERNAL DRY ROTMature fruit affected by internal dry rot may look healthy on the outside, but peeling the fruit reveals dry, discolored flesh. This internal dry rot is …

No More Satsumas: The Time Is Ripe to Diversify

Josh McGillCitrus, Florida, Georgia

South Georgia and North Florida industry leaders preached diversification to citrus growers at the Georgia Citrus Association annual conference. The event took place Feb. 28 at the University of Georgia (UGA) Tifton Conference Center. No longer should satsuma mandarins be the crop of choice for potential growers. There are other viable options for farmers to choose from, said Lindy Savelle, …

What to Consider Before Planting More Satsumas in Georgia

Tacy CalliesGeorgia

Georgia’s citrus production could flood the market in less than three years. By 2024, there is projected to be more than 59 million pounds of citrus ready for harvest, says Jake Price, University of Georgia Extension coordinator for Lowndes County. That is compared to the 8.4 million pounds that is ready for harvest this year. Price explains there is an …

Growing Containerized Satsumas Under Screen

Ernie NeffCUPS, Research

Trials of containerized satsuma trees grown in a screened facility will soon begin in Louisiana, reported Louisiana State University (LSU) AgCenter horticulture Extension agent Anna Timmerman. She discussed the trials during the recent virtual 2021 LSU AgCenter Citrus Symposium. Research objectives include determining optimal planting density and yield. Field days for growers will likely be conducted in 2022, and a …

The Search for Canker-Resistant Satsumas

Ashley RobinsonDiseases, Louisiana

Citrus canker, a highly contagious bacterial disease of citrus, was first detected in Louisiana around 1914 and declared eradicated by 1940. However, the disease reappeared in the state in 2013. Right now, there are no effective treatments to eliminate the disease after the infection has occurred. Adding insult to injury, Louisiana’s hot and humid climate is especially conducive to the …


Georgia Research Projects Underway

Daniel CooperGeorgia, Rootstocks

Jake Price, University of Georgia (UGA) county Extension coordinator, recently provided a summary of citrus projects he has been working on: Source: Georgia Citrus Association Sponsored Content5 Facts About Fire Ants and How to Control ThemApril 30, 2024BRAZILIAN RESEARCH RESULTS IN A UNIQUE PRODUCT FOR HLB MANAGEMENTApril 1, 2024Protect Your Groves From Citrus LeafminerMay 29, 2023


Big Yields Expected in Georgia

Daniel CooperGeorgia, Production

A December 2022 freeze in Georgia significantly reduced the state’s 2023 citrus production, but many growers anticipate a large crop in 2024. “With less fruit production in 2023, trees added a lot more vegetative growth and increased their canopy volume,” University of Georgia Extension citrus agent Jake Price noted. “The satsuma bloom at the research plot was very large and …


In Georgia Owari Trial, Yields Peaked in 2021

Daniel CooperGeorgia, Research, Rootstocks

University of Georgia Extension agent Jake Price recently summarized yields for three recent seasons from Owari satsuma trees in a rootstock trial. Last year, 2023, was the last harvest year for data collection in the trial. Price reported that yield in the trial plot peaked in 2021 with a yield of about 20,300 pounds on 60 trees, which would be …


Growing Citrus With Soil Health in Mind

Daniel CooperCover Crops, Georgia, Soil Health

Herb Young enjoyed a 40-year career in the agricultural chemical industry, starting as a technical service representative and eventually becoming a product manager. During those years, he worked on various specialty crops across the country. About 25 years of his career was spent in field research roles. So, experimentation with crops and growing practices comes naturally to Young. He has …


Turkish Tangerine Production to Soar

Daniel CooperCrop Forecast, International

Tangerine production in 2023–24 in Türkiye (previously known as Turkey) is forecast to increase 55% to 2.88 million metric tons (MMT), according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA FAS). The huge increase is due to favorable spring rains and temperature conditions during blossoming in March 2023. The yield in Türkiye’s Aegean region is expected to increase …

Postharvest Ethylene Applications for Color Change

Josh McGillGeorgia, Production

A citrus fruit’s color can provide the appearance that it is not ready to be harvested. But internally, it could be ready to eat. To help convince consumers of the citrus crop’s readiness, Angelos Deltsidis, University of Georgia assistant professor and postharvest Extension specialist, is researching the use of ethylene to artificially degreen citrus after harvest. “Naturally, citrus changes color …

USDA Funds Three Georgia Citrus Projects

Josh McGillGeorgia, Research

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Marketing Service (USDA AMS) funded three citrus projects in Georgia for fiscal year 2023. SATSUMA EDUCATIONThe Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) received $103,225 for a satsuma education project. GDA will partner with local farmers and produce distributors to increase the availability of Georgia-grown satsuma mandarins in retail locations. The project will work closely with …

UGA Citrus Research Benefits From Freeze

Josh McGillCold Hardy, freeze, Varieties

Research in South Georgia cold-hardy citrus requires freezing temperatures for studies to be effective. When temperatures dropped below freezing for multiple days around Christmas last year, it allowed Jake Price, University of Georgia (UGA) Lowndes County Extension coordinator, to conduct extensive research into various citrus varieties and rootstocks. He discussed his research during a citrus meeting in early August. “We’ve …

Georgia Citrus Meeting Informs and Updates Growers

Josh McGillGeorgia

Meetings have become an integral part of the production process for Georgia citrus growers. The University of Georgia’s (UGA) most recent meeting allowed producers to hear from scientists about research pertaining to a growing industry in the region. Topics like changing weather patterns, rootstock research, HLB and the use of ethylene to degreen satsuma mandarins were presented during an Aug. …

Turkish Tangerines Rebound From Natural Disasters

Josh McGillCrop Forecast, International, Mandarins

Turkish production of mandarins/tangerines is forecast at 1.86 million metric tons (MMT) for 2022–23, up slightly from the previous season, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA FAS) reported. Prior season (2021–22) mandarin production was 1.81 MMT. Mandarins were less impacted than other Turkish citrus by freezing temperatures during blossoming in March 2022, USDA FAS stated. Also, the …

Fruit Quality Evaluations for Georgia Citrus Varieties

Josh McGillGeorgia, Varieties

Characteristics of 30 varieties and 45 variety/rootstock combinations were reported in Evaluating Fruit Quality of Citrus Varieties in Georgia, 2021-22. Jacob Price, county Extension coordinator for Lowndes County and Extension citrus specialist with University of Georgia (UGA) Extension, authored the report. Price noted that most groves in Georgia were planted after 2014. Initially, satsuma mandarins (Citrus unshiu) on trifoliate rootstocks …

Update on Georgia Citrus Acres

Josh McGillAcreage, Georgia

University of Georgia citrus Extension agent Jake Price recently estimated Georgia has reached a record-high of 570,760 citrus trees planted on 3,936 acres. Each year, Price estimates the number of citrus trees planted in Georgia. Calculating 2023 numbers has been a little different because of tree losses due to the December 2022 freeze. Of the 567 new acres of trees …