Citrus Growers Needed for Survey Participation

Tacy Callies Economics

Ariel Singerman, University of Florida assistant professor, will be conducting his annual production cost survey for processed oranges grown in Southwest Florida. The survey will consist of grower meetings in two locations. The first meeting will take place on May 18 at 9:00 a.m. at the Hendry County Extension Office (Dallas Townsend Ag Center) in LaBelle. To confirm your participation in …

International Citrus Business Conference Takes Strategic View

Jaci Schreckengost Citrus, Economics, Top

Allen Morris has been directly involved with the citrus industry since 1984. He has seen many ups and downs in the industry during this time. Now, he is ready to face the current citrus challenges head on. Morris is the owner and operator of Morris Agribusiness Services. In the past, he held events called the International Citrus Economics Conference. Along …


Financial Management Conference Benefits Florida Ag

Ernie Neff Economics

Regina Thomas, co-organizer of the Florida Agriculture Financial Management Conference held Nov. 2-3 near Orlando, provides an overview of the event and discusses its origins. Thomas is senior vice president/director of financially related services for Farm Credit of Central Florida. Thomas says the conference began eight years ago during the recession that rocked the entire U.S. economy. “We had a …

orange juice

What Is Happening to the Orange Juice Market?

Tacy Callies Economics

A historical perspective and current conditions are key to understanding what will happen to the orange juice market in the future if HLB-resistant trees are introduced. By Allen Morris Between 2001–02 and 2016–17, the Nielsen-measured retail U.S. orange juice market declined by 50 percent, Florida orange production declined by 70 percent and retail orange juice prices increased by 53 percent …

Harvesting Charges for Florida Citrus

Tacy Callies Economics

By Ariel Singerman, Marina Burani-Arouca, Stephen H. Futch and Robert Ranieri This article summarizes the charges for harvesting citrus in Florida during the 2016–17 season. The estimates provided are key for computing on-tree prices and to estimate economic returns to citrus growers. The estimates are based on a survey of harvesters conducted in May 2017. A total of 15 harvesters …


From HLB Grower Day: Cutting Psyllid Control Costs

Ernie Neff Economics, HLB Management, Psyllids

Approximately 200 Florida citrus industry members attended the HLB Grower Day on April 21 at the Citrus Research and Education Center (CREC) in Lake Alfred. Speakers summarized scientific presentations made at a recent international HLB research conference. Michael Rogers, an entomologist and director of the University of Florida/Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences CREC, discussed control of the Asian citrus …

Captain, We Have a Problem: the Juice Stocks!

Kelsey Fry Economics, Global Perspectives

By Marcos Fava Neves  The new figures from the U.S. Department of Agriculture released in March showed a small drop in the Florida orange estimate from 70 million to 67 million boxes. In February, the Brazilian orange estimate announced by Fundecitrus stayed the same, at approximately 244 million boxes. Oranges in Brazil currently contain a lot of water, with almost …

Grapefruit production costs

Grapefruit Production Costs Drop; Profitability Is Elusive

Ernie Neff Bactericides, Economics, Grapefruit

A decrease in grapefruit production costs among Indian River growers allowed the average grower to approach the break-even point in the 2015-16 season, a University of Florida economist reports. Ariel Singerman made his report at the recent Florida Citrus Show in Fort Pierce. The report was based on a July 2016 survey of 70 growers representing a majority of grapefruit …

Transitioning the Farm to the Next Generation

Tacy Callies Citrus, Economics

By Ernie Neff Passing a farm from one generation to another can be as simple as waiting for the older generation to die or become disabled. But doing it that way, with no planning, probably won’t be a very rewarding experience for either generation. That was the consensus of several speakers at this summer’s Florida Agriculture Financial Management Conference. Michael …

fruit size, pfd

Grower: Small Fruit Size, PFD Are Issues

Ernie Neff Economics, PFD

Grower and harvester Charles Wilson of Lake Placid was among those sharing information at a citrus grower forum in Sebring on November 10. “There seems to be a pretty good fruit set blossom unaffected by PFD (postbloom fruit drop),” Wilson says. “But the fruit size is extremely small … and that’s going to definitely affect our yield.” “I see PFD …

Replanting, Fresh Fruit

Citrus Replanting and Fresh Fruit Taste Concern Grower

Ernie Neff Citrus, Economics

Lake Wales fresh citrus grower Marshall Hartley tells why many growers hesitate to move forward with citrus replanting. He also discusses declining fresh fruit taste. “I don’t think that we’ve got the perfect tree yet, and everybody’s kind of wondering, where am I going to spend my last dollar?” Hartley says. “Do I need to not plant a tree for …

The Many Hats of Allen Morris

Tacy Callies Citrus, Economics

By Tacy Callies Having grown up in the small north Florida town of Macclenny, a farming community, Allen Morris was introduced to agriculture at an early age. His father died in a tractor accident when Morris was seven, but that didn’t deter him from wanting to earn a living in agriculture. In fact, at 14, he obtained a restricted driver’s …

orange production costs

Singerman on Orange Production Costs and CHMA Participation

Ernie Neff Citrus Expo, Citrus Greening, Economics

Southwest Florida citrus growers are now spending about $2,327 per acre to grow oranges, University of Florida economist Ariel Singerman said in a Citrus Expo presentation in August. “This is a decrease in cost of about 4 percent compared to last year,” Singerman says in this report. He explains the reason for the production cost decrease: “It is no longer …

citrus could recover

Hunt on Orange Production: Recovery Could Come Quickly

Ernie Neff Citrus Greening, Economics, Rootstocks

Florida Citrus Commission Chairman Ellis Hunt Jr. reacts to projections Wednesday that Florida’s orange production will likely be near current levels or possibly much lower in 10 years. He says existing growers and/or institutional investors could replant trees lost to HLB fairly rapidly if they believe trees can survive and produce fruit in the face of HLB. “I think we …

oranges worst case

Worst Case in 10 Years: Florida Orange Production at 27 Million Boxes

Ernie Neff Citrus Greening, Economics, Forecast

In the worst-case scenario projected by economists Wednesday, Florida orange production could plummet to 27 million boxes in 10 years. Florida orange production last season was 81.5 million boxes. As recently as the 2003-04 season, Florida produced 242 million boxes of oranges. Production declines are primarily caused by HLB, the deadly disease first discovered in Florida in 2005. But the …


Hunt Discusses Citrus Acreage Reduction

Ernie Neff Citrus Greening, Economics

“I think it just continues to show … the effect of HLB,” citrus grower and Florida Citrus Commission Chairman Ellis Hunt Jr. says of the U.S. Department of Agriculture report that Florida citrus acreage fell 4 percent in a year. “I look forward to the day that the new groves going in the ground will offset the declining numbers.” Hunt …

citrus acreage decline

Grower Not Surprised by 4 Percent Acreage Decline

Ernie Neff Bactericides, Citrus Greening, Economics

“I don’t think there were any real surprises in the report today,” Indian River area grower and packer Cody Estes says in response to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s report that Florida citrus acreage tumbled 4 percent. Florida acreage is now at 480,121, the lowest number since tracking began in 1966. “Hopefully with the anti-microbial treatments that are going on, …

citrus acreage tumbled

Florida Citrus Acreage Skids 4 Percent to 480,121

Ernie Neff Economics

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Commercial Citrus Inventory, released Monday, shows total Florida citrus acreage tumbled 4 percent from last year to the lowest level since tracking began in 1966. The gross loss of 31,365 acres is the largest loss recorded in a single season since one-year interval surveys began in 2009. New plantings – at 10,090 acres – are …

Orange Juice Market Challenges

Tacy Callies Economics

Allen Morris, vice president of sales and marketing for Blue Lake Citrus Products, discusses the decline of the U.S. orange juice market. “Since 2001, we’ve lost about half of the U.S. OJ market,” he says. “When we look at June of this year compared to June of last year, total OJ consumption declined by 4.8 percent even though prices declined …