U.S. Citrus Processing Report

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In 2020-21, 57% of U.S. citrus was used for processing, and most of the processed fruit was oranges, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service reported in September. Florida produced 81% of all U.S. oranges for processing, while California and Texas produced the remainder. Florida and Texas had smaller orange crops for the processed market in 2020-21 compared with … Read More

HLB: The Problem for Processors

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Many stories have been written about the woes HLB disease has caused Florida’s citrus growers; fewer have been written about the problems HLB causes Florida citrus processors. Kristen Carlson presented the processors’ side of the story during the recent International Citrus & Beverage Conference hosted by the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. Carlson is executive director … Read More

The State of the Florida Citrus Processing Industry

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Kristen Carlson, executive director of the Florida Citrus Processors Association, answers questions from Tacy Callies, Citrus Industry editor. Q: What are the current opportunities in Florida citrus processing?  A: There is some excess capacity in Florida should the citrus greening situation improve, and Florida increases its box production. Greening has decreased the yield of boxes per tree. With less impact … Read More

Florida’s Natural Growers Get Good Returns

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Although COVID-19 whacked away-from-home sales at hotels, restaurants and the like in 2019-20, Florida’s Natural posted record net sales and its growers received strong returns on their fruit. “Our results were better than expected,” said Frank Hunt III, chairman of the nation’s third largest orange juice producer. Chief Financial Officer Chip Hendry pegged the cooperative’s historical high net sales at … Read More

Valencia Oranges Hit by Heavy Fruit Drop

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Heavy fruit drop and weather issues reportedly could lead to reduction in Florida’s Valencia orange crop. Some in the citrus industry said COVID-19 issues in processing plants have also limited the intake of Valencias from groves, but the Florida Citrus Processors Association (FCPA) says that is not likely the case. “Processors have slowed down presumably due to COVID-19 … They … Read More

Grower Frustration Mounting Over Millions of Uncommitted Boxes

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Highlands County grower Jarred Eddy recently shared his frustration with the Florida Citrus Commission over his failure to receive any offers for the fruit from his 200-acre grove. Following Eddy’s Oct. 23 presentation, he and Highlands County Citrus Growers Association Executive Director Ray Royce discussed the problem. Eddy says he expected offers several times since the middle of summer, but “as … Read More

Dumping of Brazilian and Mexican Juice Causes Southern Gardens to Cease Processing Citrus

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A flood of foreign imported orange juice was the deciding factor. Southern Gardens Citrus Processing Corporation announced today that it will no longer process fruit at its facility in Hendry County, Florida.  Beginning with the 2019-20 season, Southern Gardens will have its fruit processed at another facility and bring that juice back to its facility in Hendry County for storage … Read More