Mexican Lime Imports Controversial in Australia

Ernie NeffInternational, Limes

Officers from the Federal Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment in Australia held a meeting in May to discuss an import risk assessment that proposes to allow lime imports from Mexico. Many growers shared their concerns that allowing imports of Mexican limes would impact profitability of their farms at a time when labor is difficult to obtain and they … Read More

Consumption and Production Trends in Global Lemons/Limes

Ashley RobinsonCrop Forecast, International, lemons, Limes

Global lemon and lime production for 2020-21 is forecast down slightly to 8.3 million tons as lower production in Argentina and the United States more than offsets gains in the European Union and Mexico. Global consumption and exports are forecast up with less fruit being used for processing. These findings are from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service. … Read More

Could Finger Limes Be Florida’s Hero?

Ashley RobinsonAll In For Citrus Podcast, Limes, Research

The Australian finger lime, a citrus relative, could be a new specialty crop for Florida citrus growers. Traditionally, finger limes have remained rare in the United States, grown few and far between. However, the fruit’s unique tolerance to HLB is becoming increasingly attractive to Florida growers. Manjul Dutt, research assistant scientist at the  University of Florida Institute of Food and … Read More

Growing Finger Limes in Florida: Lessons Learned So Far

Tacy CalliesLimes

By Manjul Dutt and Jude Grosser Finger lime, a distant relative of sweet orange and grapefruit, is a relatively new crop species for Florida. It is an Australian native species that has been gaining in popularity and importance in the last few years because of its unique fruit characteristics and disease tolerance, which sets it apart from conventional sweet orange … Read More