The Good That Orange Juice Does

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The health benefits of orange juice, and how the Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) promotes them to consumers, were discussed by FDOC Scientific Research Director Rosa Walsh at Citrus Expo. Walsh summarizes key parts of her presentation in an interview with Tacy Callies, Citrus Industry magazine editor. Walsh says orange juice contains hesperidin, which “has antioxidant-like properties.” She says hesperidin … Read More

Florida Department of Citrus to Study OJ Consumption

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Amid ongoing struggles in Florida’s citrus industry, the Florida Department of Citrus appears to be turning attention to studying orange juice consumption. The department said Tuesday it is looking for three separate studies that would assess various aspects of orange juice consumption, including how it can affect people’s moods when drinking it as a snack. According to a bid notice, … Read More

Redefining Orange Juice?

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Some Florida citrus processors, scientists, grower representatives and others recently started discussions about the feasibility of changing the legal standard of identity for orange juice (OJ). Under current U.S. Food and Drug Administration standards of identify for OJ, only sweet orange can be used in OJ products without limitation. Only 10 percent of juice from mandarins or citrus hybrids can … Read More

Working Toward Better Orange Juice in the HLB World

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By Jude Grosser, Fred Gmitter, Yu Wang and Bill Castle It’s no secret that huanglongbing (HLB) has challenged the industry to maintain the outstanding quality associated with Florida orange juice. Moreover, increased prices and competition from new juice products and blends have reduced Florida orange juice consumption. We believe that improving the quality, especially flavor and color, of juice products … Read More

May 4 Is National OJ Day

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Ray Royce of the Highlands County Citrus Growers Association reminds citrus industry members that this Saturday, May 4 is National OJ Day. “You are encouraged to think about how, even in a very small way, you can help assist in reminding your friends, neighbors and business associates that Americans have long had a love affair with orange juice,” says Royce. … Read More