Call to Action for Florida Citrus Industry Members

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On December 5, Mike Sparks, Florida Citrus Mutual executive vice president and CEO, sent the following message to the Florida citrus industry: Since Hurricane Irma devastated Florida citrus in September, Commissioner Adam Putnam, Governor Rick Scott, Florida Congressional/Senate leaders, Florida Citrus Mutual, Florida citrus growers and the industry have been working tirelessly in Washington, D.C. to obtain a federal relief/rebuild … Read More

Semiautonomous Vehicle Used in CUPS

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University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researcher Arnold Schumann showed off a semiautonomous vehicle at the recent Citrus Research and Education Center 100th anniversary celebration. The vehicle is used in the center’s citrus under protective cover (CUPS) facility, designed to keep trees free of HLB-spreading psyllids. Schumann discusses the vehicle and its uses. “We designed that vehicle … Read More

Cold-Tolerant Citrus for Southeastern Growers

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The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) will host the Cold-Tolerant Citrus Production for the Southeastern Coastal Plain educational program for growers. The event will take place Dec. 13 at the Suwannee Valley Agriculture Extension Center in Live Oak, Florida. “It’s an educational event for people that are interested in producing cold-tolerant citrus,” said Clay Olson, … Read More

HLB Research Beyond CRDF: Florida’s Goal Achieved

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Citrus Expo

By Harold Browning Column sponsored by the Citrus Research and Development Foundation As 2017 draws to a close, the Citrus Research and Development Foundation (CRDF) is working to redefine the primary directions for its research and delivery programs. Federal funding programs that have emerged over the past four years are covering much of the discovery and knowledge-building research, and is … Read More

Dramatic Weather Events Disrupt the Orange Juice Market

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By Marcos Fava Neves The first 2017–18 U.S. Department of Agriculture forecast for Florida oranges — 54 million boxes — after Hurricane Irma was the lowest number in 70 years. Before the hurricane, we were all expecting that Florida would have more than 80 million boxes of oranges. This possible shortage of approximately 25 million boxes will dramatically affect not-from-concentrate … Read More

Low-Density Planting Problematic with HLB

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Two economists addressing a Gulf Citrus Growers Association economic seminar on Nov. 30 agreed that low-density citrus plantings would likely be hazardous to growers’ financial health in the face of HLB. One also reported that the average grower is not making a profit, and that small growers are exiting the industry faster than larger growers. “We were looking into different … Read More

Walls Aim to Keep Psyllids Out

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Walls consisting of insect-proof screen held up by telephone poles hold promise for helping growers reduce the cost of controlling HLB-spreading psyllids. The walls serve as artificial windbreaks in a new model grove planted in June at the Citrus Research and Education Center (CREC). The grove was one of numerous projects viewed by more than 500 attendees who came to … Read More

Sneak Peek: December 2017 Citrus Industry Magazine

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The 2018 Citrus Guide is featured in the December issue of Citrus Industry magazine. This annual directory of Florida citrus organizations, agencies, researchers and vendors has expanded to include California. Growers can find all of the contact information they need in a single, easy-to-read source. In addition to the Citrus Guide, the December issue of the magazine includes several features. … Read More

Some Fresh Citrus Problems Begin in the Grove

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Some fresh citrus problems arise or can be addressed in the packinghouse; others must be dealt with earlier, in the grove. University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researcher Mark Ritenour discusses three problems that must be addressed in the grove. They are peel breakdown, fruit decay and pesticide residues. Ritenour summarizes a presentation he made at this … Read More

100th Anniversary of the Citrus Research and Education Center

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Officials, citrus scientists, growers and other stakeholders will gather at the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) Citrus Research and Education Center (CREC) in Lake Alfred this Wednesday, November 29, for the 100th anniversary of the CREC. Dr. Jack Payne, University of Florida senior vice president for agriculture and natural resources, is looking forward to the big event. … Read More

Maximizing Insurance Claims After Hurricane Irma

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Attorney Steven Boyne with Gunster law firm in Jacksonville suggests ways growers can maximize insurance claims resulting from Hurricane Irma. His remarks summarize a presentation he made at the Florida Agriculture Financial Management Conference earlier this month. “The more documentation you can provide, the better,” Boyne says. “Don’t view the adjuster as an adversary. If you work closely with the … Read More

Millennium Block Resurrected for HLB Research

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An approximately 35-acre research plot that fell victim to citrus canker years ago will soon become a new research site helping growers pick trees that fare best with HLB. The plot at the Indian River Research and Education Center (IRREC) in Fort Pierce will keep its former name, the Millennium Block. University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences … Read More

Pruning and Controlled-Release Fertilizer to Rehabilitate HLB Trees

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By Tripti Vashisth and Troy Gainey Pruning is one of the oldest horticultural practices that changes the form and growth of a tree. The pruning process 1) adjusts tree shape and the ratio of framework to fruit-bearing shell of the canopy, 2) alters the shoot/root ratio and 3) changes the carbohydrate (food storage) status of the tree. Under Florida weather … Read More

Fresh Citrus Minimum Sizes Reduced

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The minimum size requirement for fresh Florida oranges and grapefruit was recently reduced. The Citrus Administrative Committee (CAC), which manages a federal marketing order for fresh Florida citrus, requested the change. The minimum orange size was reduced from 2.5 to 2.25 inches in diameter. The grapefruit reduction was from 3 and five-sixteenths inches to 3 inches. CAC Manager Duke Chadwell … Read More

Putnam, Ross Say Relief Proposal Leaves Out Citrus

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Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam and Congressman Dennis Ross on Friday criticized a lack of funding for the state’s storm-ravaged citrus industry in the latest disaster-relief package proposed by the White House. Putnam said a $44 billion request sent to Congress by the White House Office of Management and Budget “puts government reimbursement in front of real taxpayers and completely leaves out the … Read More

Irma Agriculture Losses Continue to Mount

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Florida’s $2.5 billion request for federal disaster relief for its agriculture industry after Hurricane Irma might not be enough. Members of the House Select Committee on Hurricane Response and Preparedness said on Nov. 16 that month-old damage estimates made by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services are too low. “I actually think your numbers are conservative,” said Rep. … Read More

‘Herbicide Synergy’ Looks Promising

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A University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) researcher is trying to give growers more weed control options. The researcher, Ramdas Kanissery, says he wants the options to be more effective and economically viable as well as environmentally friendly. “We are introducing a concept: herbicide synergy,” says Kanissery, a horticulturist at the UF/IFAS Southwest Florida Research and … Read More

70th Anniversary for Indian River Research and Education Center

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A big event will take place Nov. 16 as the 70th anniversary of the Indian River Research and Education Center in Fort Pierce takes place. Jack Payne, University of Florida senior vice president for agriculture and natural resources, invites folks to attend. From Indian River Research and Education Center: Seventy years of service to growers in the world’s renowned grapefruit production region … Read More

International Citrus Business Conference Offers Rare Opportunity

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The citrus industry has never been under such major threats to its survival as it is now. Citrus greening has drastically reduced Florida’s citrus crops. Orange juice and grapefruit juice consumption are dramatically down, and it’s not just due to higher prices. Consumers are switching to other beverages. Now more than ever, the citrus industry must gather its experts and … Read More