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A Large Leap in Turkish Orange and Orange Juice Production

Daniel CooperCrop Forecast, International

Fresh orange and orange juice production in Türkiye (previously known as Turkey) are both forecast to increase by considerable amounts, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA FAS) reported. FRESH ORANGES Fresh orange production in Türkiye in 2023–24 is forecast to increase 31% to 1.73 million metric tons (MMT). The expected increase is due to favorable weather conditions …

Historically Low Orange Juice Supply

Josh McGillBrazil, Orange Juice

Brazil’s São Paulo and Minas Gerais citrus belt has gone through four low orange production cycles in a row, the Brazilian Association of Citrus Exporters (CitrusBR) pointed out in a recent report on orange juice processing. The association noted that orange production in Brazil’s citrus belt totaled 269 million boxes in the 2020–21 season, 263 million boxes in 2021–22, 314 …

Orange Juice Shortages and Staggering Prices

Josh McGillEconomics, Orange Juice

By Marisa L. Zansler The orange juice (OJ) category has experienced turbulence over the past four years, characterized by volatility in prices, sales and distribution. Initially, the category declined in volume sales amid a saturated beverage market, with numerous options vying for consumers’ attention. However, the pandemic in early 2020 revitalized consumer interest, positioning OJ as a convenient and healthy …

Drinking Orange Juice Lowers Dementia Risk

Josh McGillOrange Juice, Research

A recent study finds that moderate consumption of up to one cup per day of natural juices, such as 100% orange juice (OJ), lowers the risk of dementia. Inversely, consuming up to two cups per day of artificially sweetened beverages, and more than two cups per day of sugar-sweetened beverages, increases the risk of dementia. The study was published by …

Citrus Mural Unveiled on National Orange Juice Day

Tacy CalliesFlorida Department of Citrus

The Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC), in partnership with Visit Florida®, is excited to announce the new installation of a hand-painted mural by artist Lauren Hom. Beginning May 4 (National Orange Juice Day), visitors can view the new Florida citrus themed art at the Florida Welcome Center in Jacksonville. Visitors who stop at the center will be able to take …


Benefits of Increasing Citrus Hybrids in Orange Juice

Josh McGillOrange Juice

Allowing citrus hybrids with certain criteria in orange juice (OJ) was one of several issues addressed in a recent workshop about potential changes to OJ’s standard of identity. Peter Chaires, executive director of the New Varieties Development and Management Corp., discussed benefits of increasing the hybrid allowance in OJ. Chaires presented a consumer study of juices conducted by University of …

Brazil’s Orange Juice Production and Exports

Josh McGillBrazil, Orange Juice

Production of Brazilian frozen concentrated orange juice (FCOJ) is forecast at 1.12 million metric tons (MMT) in 2022–23, a drop of 1% from the prior year. The reduction is due to the lower availability of fruit for processing, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA FAS) Brazilian citrus report. São Paulo is expected to process 268 …


Australia Orange Juice Production and Trade

Josh McGillCrop Forecast, International, Orange Juice

Orange juice (OJ) production in Australia in 2022–23 is forecast at 16,100 metric tons (MT), a decrease of 2% from the 2021–22 season’s 16,500 MT. In 2020–21, the country’s OJ production reached 17,400 MT. The 2022–23 forecast was made by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA FAS).   The planted area of juicing orange varieties, accounting for 36% …

Dreyfus Orange Juice Has 30% Less Sugar

Tacy CalliesOrange Juice

Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) has announced the development of a new product made from not-from-concentrate (NFC) orange juice that offers a 30% reduction in natural sugar content. The new product has more than triple the dietary fiber content while preserving original taste (Brix value) and vitamin C level, the company stated.     The product is the result of a five-year effort …

European Orange Juice Production to Significantly Drop

Josh McGillInternational, Orange Juice, Production

European Union (EU) orange juice production in 2021–22 is forecast at 62,250 metric tons (MT) by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS). That’s a decline of about 19% from the 77,212 MT of orange juice the EU produced in 2020–21. The total volume of oranges channeled to processing depends on the crop quality and quantity of oranges …

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Barriers to Buying Orange Juice

Josh McGillFlorida Department of Citrus, Orange Juice

The Florida Citrus Commission (FCC) recently heard a report that 13% of consumers surveyed in June said the increased price of buying orange juice (OJ) is a barrier. Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) Director of Economic and Market Research Marisa Zansler provided that information to the FDOC’s governing board. Zansler also reported that 5% of consumers said they were less …

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Orange Juice Sales ‘Remain Strong’

Josh McGillFlorida Department of Citrus, Marketing, Orange Juice

Florida Citrus Commission (FCC) Chairman Steve Johnson discussed strong orange juice sales in an email this month to members of the Florida citrus industry: “As prices continue to rise across the board for goods and services, many shoppers may find themselves buying not what they want but what they need. The key for us is making sure OJ remains on …

National Orange Juice Day Celebrated on Social Media

Josh McGillCitrus

May 4 is the day to celebrate Florida’s signature crop — citrus that is squeezed into wonderfully delicious orange juice. That’s right, it’s National Orange Juice Day! People have taken to social media to mark the occasion. Here’s a few posts we captured.  Sponsored Content5 Facts About Fire Ants and How to Control ThemApril 30, 2024BRAZILIAN RESEARCH RESULTS IN A …

Marketing Florida Orange Juice: Progress and Plans

Josh McGillFlorida Department of Citrus, Marketing, Orange Juice

Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) staff and members of the FDOC’s marketing firm, Edible, told the Florida Citrus Commission (FCC) on March 16 about recent marketing Florida orange Juice successes and plans for 2022–23. Karmen Johnson of Edible provided an update on current marketing activities. The e-commerce program includes a collaboration with Kroger and Pinterest that targeted more than 580,000 …


U.S. Orange Juice Output to Hit 50-Year Low

Josh McGillForecast, Orange Juice

Total U.S. orange juice (OJ) production in the current 2021–22 season is forecast at 286 million single-strength equivalent (SSE) gallons, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service reported recently. If realized, this volume will be the lowest in more than 50 years. To compensate for lower production, U.S. OJ imports are expected to increase over last year, reaching more …

Orange Juice in Europe: Production, Consumption and Trade

Josh McGillExport/Import, International, Orange Juice

European Union (EU) orange juice (OJ) production is forecast at 70,390 metric tons (MT) in 2021–22, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service reported. That’s a drop of almost 10% compared to the previous period due to the expected decline in EU orange supply. Spain is the major orange processor in the EU, followed by Italy. Approximately 20% of …

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EU Orange Juice Production Climbs

Ernie NeffInternational, Orange Juice

European Union (EU) orange juice (OJ) production is forecast at 89,228 metric tons in 2020-21, a rise of almost 25% compared to the prior year. The EU forecast for OJ production was reported in June by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service. The forecast is in line with the expected growth in the volume of European oranges destined …

Promoting Orange Juice for Hydration

Tacy CalliesOrange Juice

It may not officially be summer yet, but with temperatures heating up, Steve Johnson, chairman of the Florida Citrus Commission, has a reminder about the value of drinking orange juice (OJ) for hydration. “A glass of orange juice is a great hydration option in addition to water since it naturally contains a high percentage of water — almost 90%, says …

Retail Orange Juice Prices and Sales on the Rise

Tacy CalliesOrange Juice

The most recent Nielsen report reveals promising news for Florida retail orange juice (OJ) sales. During a recent Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) webinar, Marisa Zansler, director of the FDOC Economic and Market Research Department, presented a summary of the second Nielson report for the 2020–21 citrus season through the four-week period ending Nov. 28. The report shows that OJ sales for …

Maintaining Orange Juice Momentum

Ernie NeffOrange Juice

The Florida Department of Citrus (FDOC) normally launches minimal programs during the first quarter of the fiscal year and instead focuses on strategic planning. This year, though, in order to continue to build upon the momentum of 2019-20, the FDOC and its advertising agency, Edible, launched a robust campaign to drive sales of 100 percent orange juice (OJ) at retail. …